Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Senior Citizen

The topic of age found its way into the classroom...again. My students are convinced that, despite looking like I'm 18-years-old, I am extremely old in age. They tend to run with this concept sometimes in a feeble, yet humorous, attempt to "roast" me. We enter...

B: "Yeah Mr. A, you straight old wodie."

Mr. A: "I'm really not you guys. We go over this again and again, 26 is pretty young relatively speaking."

J: "Nah Mr. A, you just be relatively old."

T: "Mr. A's dusty self finna be all up in a nursing home tomorrow...that'd be dope, then we wouldn't have any school."

Mr. A: "Yeah, it doesn't really work that way."

L: "Mr. A, you finna already smell like an old dude...like Ben Gay and all dat stuff."

Mr. A: "Moving on...who likes reading comprehension strategies!"


  1. Well, you are pretty old. And do you use Old Spice? That's like old person deodorant, so maybe that's what they're smelling.

  2. Good point...maybe time to switch deodorants perhaps.