Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Nature Saavy

Before reading a story that took place in a forest of the Northwest, I challenged my students. I challenged them to collectively name 15 different kinds of trees. If they could accomplish such a feat, I would give them each a Tootsie Roll. They were able to name 8 legitimate types of trees before the following event ensued. We enter...

D: "I got one Mr. A! You know them trees? They be on the beach an' all dat stuff?

R: "Oh yeah, them mugs is dope...they're called beach trees."

Mr. A: "No, sorry guys, there is no such thing as a beach tree...good try though."

A: "Yeah there is Mr. A, they be all up in warm places like...like you know warm places where there be beaches nearby."

Mr. A: "Are you guys referring to a palm tree perhaps?"

B: "Ohhhhh, Mr. A be straight roasting on you guys! You be finna name a tree and you're all wrong and then Mr. A the egghead rolls in and be finna straight roast y'all with the right answer."

Mr. A: "Thanks B, but I can honestly say I was not 'finna straight roast anyone'...I was merely attempting to clarify the response."

B: "Whatever you say Mr. A...you better at roasting than you think."

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