Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Older Women

Two female, high school students are spending the week in my classroom. Their school requires them to do 30 hours of volunteer service, and somehow, they were fortunate enough to end up in Mr. A's classroom...don't act like you're not jealous. It didn't take L long to try and work his magic on the high school girls. We enter...

Mr. A: "So I would like to introduce all of you to A and E who will be working with us the next week. They are here to help but you need to show them the same respect that you are expected to show to all adults.

L: "What's your name?"

A: "A."

L: "That's cool...you finna give me your digits?"

A: "Ummm."

Mr. A: "L! It is entirely inappropriate to ask her that question."

L: "Mr. A, give me a second, I'm finna make a move over here."

Mr. A: "OK L, let's make a move...let's make a move right on over to the phone and you can tell your mom what you're trying to do in the classroom."

L: "No! I'll stop finna get my swerve on, just don't call my mom!"

Mr. A: "A lady killer's line L."

L: "Huh?"

Mr. A: "Nevermind...whose ready for some geometry?"

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