Friday, March 5, 2010

That's One Way To Break Up A Fight

E and S are taking their verbal argument to the next level. They begin to fight in the commons area of the school. Meanwhile, L has been complaining of a stomach ache, but L complains about a lot of things. We enter...

E: "Girl, I finna pull the weave right out of yo hair!"

S: "But you can't whoop this weave and yo mama's on Prospect again tonight!"

E: "Then do somethin'!"

S throws a punch and E retaliates. I jump in to break it up...standard practice.

L: "Mr. A, I gots the bubble guts cuzz."

Mr. A: "Not now L, go get Mr. F!"

Evidently L wasn't playing. He proceeds to projectile vomit in the midst of the fight. Surprisingly this was quite effective at breaking up the altercation.

S: "Oh, you musty L."

E: "Damn boy, it's all red too...he shouldn't a been finna eat so many hot chips!"

Mr. A: "Well this is helpful to the situation...thanks life."

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