Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Music Taste

It's tutoring time once again. The students are supposed to be tuning up their skills in language arts and math, but instead they feel like rapping inappropriate songs. They also were initially unaware that I knew these songs and that, just because they left out the last line, that didn't mean I was unaware where they were going with it. We enter...

D: "This lesson is boosey." In his best singing/rapping voice. "I'm gonna pick the world up and drop it on its..."

Mr. A: "OK, that's enough D, I know that song and I definitely don't need you to be finishing that line. Wouldn't it be more dope if you worked on some reading comprehension strategies right now?"

B: "Mr. A, ain't no one finna work on some dusty ass reading." In his best singing/rapping voice. "I can make your bed rock..."

Mr. A: "Yeah OK, also not appropriate during tutoring time."

D: "Mr. A, you just be hating cause you don't listen to rap."

Mr. A: "I actually do, but that's not what we're discussing right now."

D: "No way, you be listening to like...Mozart or somethin' else dusty...you know like, da na na na na na na na naaaaaaa." D begins to hum the tune to Beeethoven's Fur Elise."

Mr. A: "That's actually Beethoven."

D: "Damn Mr. A! Why you always gotta be knowing everything and roasting us. How do you know this stuff anyway?"

Mr. A: "I paid attention and worked during tutoring time."

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