Monday, March 22, 2010

If It Keeps Him Away From It...

As previously mentioned, my students have a drug education class once a week. During this particular class period they were playing a game of "Drug Awareness Baseball" in which they needed to answer questions about drugs to reach base, score runs, etc. D confidently strides to the plate. We enter...

Drug Ed Teacher: "OK D...what are two things that happen when you smoke marijuana?"

D: "Ummm...I finna say...."

S: "Will you hurry up boy! If yo' dusty self can't get a hit we lose the game. If we lose the game then I don't get no Laffy Taffy. If I don't get no Laffy Taffy, I finna molly whomp you."

D: "Girl, ain't no one can concentrate when yo' amazon looking self keeps talking...I would say that your breath smells bad, and no one likes you."

Drug Ed Teacher: "Not really the answer I was looking for...but I'll accept it since they were negative things."

S: "Laffy Taffy y'all!"

Mr. A: "Well clearly we have established how to keep you away from drugs...bribe you with candy."

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