Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Incognito Tagging?

I approached E, an eigth grader, in the hallway as she was very clearly tagging the wall. The following conversation ensued. We enter...

Mr. A: "E, what do are you doing."

E: "I'm tagging this wall Mr. A."

Mr. A: "I see that...why?"

E: "Cause I'm tight like that."

Mr. A: "Right on...I hear that."

I walk into my room, grab a write-up sheet and begin writing up E in plain view so she can see me.

E: "Mr. A, you writing me up?"

Mr. A: "You know it."

E: "Why?"

Mr. A: "Cause I'm tight like that."

T: "Ohhhhhhh, you just got straight roasted E!"

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