Saturday, May 1, 2010

You People

I have just finished playing an intense game of basketball with my students. In addition to hustling them on the court, my hair was a little on the wild side. I approached the drinking fountain with my students, and put some water in my hand to assist in matting down my hair. B questioned this. We enter...

B: "What you doing Mr. A? Why do you people always do that?"

Mr. A: "What do you mean, 'you people,' and what am I doing?"

B: "You be finna put water on yo' hand and stuff. You know, like white people always be doing that."

Mr. A: "You're telling me that white people, more than anyone else, have a tendency to put water on their hands?"

B: "Yeah, that's why y'alls hands always be soft like a baby's bottom and that."

Mr. A: "Well the thing about water B...actually, just forget finna hit up some writing though? Us people love that stuff."

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