Friday, April 23, 2010

Twins Are In Town!

My beloved Minnesota Twins are in town this weekend. I announce to my class that I will be attending the game. They seemed excited at the prospect of seeing me outside of the classroom. We enter...

J: "So what day you going Mr. A?"

Mr. A: "My plan is to go on Saturday."

R: "Yeah, I'm finna go Saturday too! I'll be all up in that mug and finna roast on you about the Twins."

Mr. A: "Turns out there's a lot of people at those games, so you may not see me."

R: "Skip that, I finna find you so you can buy me some nachos...them mugs is dope!

B: "Hell no you dusty lil thang, Mr. A be finna buy me nachos cause I'm a playa and you soft."

R: "What boy? You soft like yo' Mama's pillow."

B: "But you can't whoop this soft boy...thought so."

Mr. A: "Perhaps we should take a step back. First of all, I'm not finna buy anyone nachos. Second of all, if I were to buy someone nachos, it would not be based on who could potentially beat up the other person. Finally, I see you guys too much. If I saw you on a Saturday...I would hide."

S: "Ohhhh, Mr. A be straight roasting again!"

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