Saturday, February 13, 2010

Field Trip Fun

Thirty of the students were rewarded for "good behavior" by being taken on a field trip to a hands on science center. I was rewarded for being awesome by being allowed to chaperone said field trip. The day was going relatively smooth until J and G engaged in a massive argument over a pair of glasses. They attempted to fight, through my restraint, while the other patrons of the science center gawked in fear as they waited for World War III to ensue. We enter...

G: "You triflin' little girl! You know those glasses ain't yours. You look like a damn fool wearing them anyway."

J: "Oh yeah B****, well this fool about to whoop on you."

G: "Say it to my face you dusty ass little trick. I'll pull the weave right out yo' hair."

Mr. A: "That's enough. This is ridiculous. You are arguing over a pair of glasses and you are trying to fight in public. There are people watching and you are embarrassing yourselves and the school."

G: "Don't nobody care about that Mr. A. If this little girl wanna roast then she bouts to get molly whomped right here...I don't give no damn about no science place."

J: "But you can't whoop this, but you can't whoop this!!"

Finally reinforcements arrive to help me separate the two and get them out. L approaches me looking disappointed.

L: "Triflin' little girls. We can't go anywhere can we Mr. A? Why we always gotta be fighting?"

Mr. A: "L, I guess it's fitting we're at a science center because you have a light bulb over the top of your head right now."

L: "Huh? What you talking about Mr. A? You being scanlous again?"

Mr. A: "Ha ha ha...forget it L, let's check out another exhibit."

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