Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Re-writing History

The students engage in a computer program each day called "Read About." This program essentially helps the students with their comprehension skills. Today, B was reading about George Washington. We enter...

B: "Mr. A, I don't know who this person is."

Mr. A: "OK, well let's take a look at it together. It looks like you are reading about the very first President of our country. Can you say his name for me?"

B: "George..."

L: "I know who that mug is Mr. A! That boy is George Clooney! Ha, I straight roasted you B, you don't even know who the first President was."

Mr. A: "Actually L, George Clooney is an actor in Hollywood. He wouldn't have been alive over 200 years ago when our first President took office."

L: "What you talking about? He white ain't he?"

Mr. A: "Yes, George Clooney is white."

L: "And he rich ain't he?"

Mr. A: "Yes, being a Hollywood actor I would imagine he has a lot of money."

L: "So what's the difference?"

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