Tuesday, February 2, 2010

New Lessons

It is my honor to monitor breakfast for the whole school each morning. I am consistently blown away by how much energy, anger and fervor exist at this time in the morning. Additionally, I am blown away by the lack of housekeeping as the students constantly neglect to throw away their plates of food. This morning was no different, as I grabbed a plate of half eaten waffles to throw away. We enter...

C: "Mr. A! What the hell you think you doing?"

Mr. A: "Well C, the half eaten plate of waffles with syrup spilling onto the table was a real nice touch to the room, but I thought maybe I'd throw it in the trash."

C: "Throw it in the dusty ass trash! Mr. A, don't you know you don't touch a black person's food?"

Mr. A: "Yeah, I'm gonna go ahead and plead ignorance on this one...enjoy the waffles C."

C: "Damn straight...all up in here trying to throw this mug in the trash."

Mr. A: "Let it go C, we're talking about a half of a frozen waffle."

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