Tuesday, June 1, 2010


The students are all in the cafeteria for breakfast. As much as they pretend to not like me, they consistently crowd around the table where I sit each morning. P, a seventh grader, has noticed that some of the students have different bowls for their cereal than is typically the norm. It appears they had run out of the standard bowls and so they were using what looked liked disposable Tupperware. This excited P. We enter...

P: "Oooh, look at them bowls y'all got."

J: "Yeah, these is boosey man. They be all big and stupid looking."

Mr. A: "It's just a bowl, I feel like you're analyzing this too much."

P: "Yeah but Mr. A, look at them mugs!"

Mr. A: "No, I know. I see them. I guess I'm just not as perplexed by them as you are."

P: "Y'all look like homeless people eating out them dusty ass mugs. Them bowls is LD!"

Mr. A: "Well P, a bowl can't really take on the human characteristic of living with a learning disability. Well, I suppose in the literature arena it could, thus being referred to as personification."

P: "Huh? No one knows what that means Mr. A. All I'm saying is them bowls is LD Cuz, and all y'all look like homeless people eating from them."

Mr. A: "Note to self, stronger emphasis on literary terms for next year."

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