Monday, June 21, 2010

Skin Pigment

The last day of school consisted of going to a park. As such, I was wearing shorts for the first time all year. This was a major event for my students. We enter...

B: "Hey y'all, look at Mr. A's legs!"

A: "Ooooh, you need some lotion real bad Mr. A."

Mr. A: "Why do you say that?"

A: "Cause you be all ashy."

B: "Yeah Mr. A, that's the worst ash I ever seen cuz."

Mr. A: "That's not ash, that's the color of my skin."

A: "But it's so white. If you put some lotion on that mug you could probably get rid of some of that."

Mr. A: "Well it's not really possible to get rid of my skin pigment simply by applying lotion."

B: "Pigment? Mr. A you ain't finna start teaching us something right now on the last day of school when we ready to leave are you?"

Mr. A: "Life is just one big lesson B, but no, we have to board the bus now, so we'll just do a mini-lesson on the can sit next to me."

D: "Ha, B just got juiced by Mr. A."

Mr. A: "That's what I'm here for, just juicing to the end."

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