Monday, June 21, 2010

I Made It?

My first year of teaching is over. Sometimes I feel like I just blacked out for the whole thing, but this blog has been a pretty jarring reminder. In all honesty though, it has been an amazing year. The purpose of this blog is to show the lighter side of my job. Although many of these chaotic things do not feel light while they are happening, they can certainly manifest into that form after the fact. Additionally, writing this stuff down has been a way for me to almost maintain my sanity. This is a difficult job. Without certain kinds of outlets one could begin to slip.

I truly am so proud of everything my students have done this year. The progression from hiding under tables, throwing random objects, fighting, constant threats, etc. to being able to make the growth they have in reading levels, math mastery, and more has been incredible to say the least. Are we where we need to be? No, but I know that the foundation has been laid and the importance of education has been revealed.

I will be welcoming several new teachers to my school next year, and am very excited to see the achievement I know awaits us. I will be teaching 3rd grade instead of 5th. Fortunately my old students are just a stone's throw away. Please join me next year if you finna get down with some more roasting and teachable quotes fun. Thanks for reading...see ya in the fall!

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