Friday, April 16, 2010

The State is Boosey

My students recently finished their state testing. Prior to the testing, I had bribed them with a party if I determined they were giving their full effort and concentration throughout the testing. Today I announced who would and who would not be attending the party. L was not satisfied with the announcement. We enter...

L: "What! Damn Mr. A, why ain't you finna let me come to the hot chip party?"

Mr. A: "L, I laid out my expectations very clearly prior to testing. We know that much of success is measured by effort, and that is what I was looking for. You did not provide that effort. Therefore, you will not be attending the party."

L: "That's straight boosey! How you gonna tell me I didn't give no effort?"

Mr. A: "L, is it really necessary for me to be explicit about the nature of my decision in front of the rest of the class? Perhaps you and I could have a conversation after class?"

L: "Oh hell no, tell me...I want hot chips!"

Mr. A: "Well, in the middle of the mathematics session, you verbally declared that math was boosey, and you were not finna take this stupid ass test. You then proceeded to take the test, throw it at the wall, and tell me you were out cause you were finna shoot hoops."

L: "I'll take the test now."

Mr. A: "Sorry L, I'm kind of handcuffed by the state."

L: "The state is boosey...I'm finna shoot hoops."

L exits the room

Mr. A: "Exhibit A."

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