Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Flashes of the Past

My students from last year have now found solace in coming into my room before school starts. This morning J, A, and R all decided to make their way to my school abode and interesting coversations ensued. We enter...

J: "Mr. A., you still finna use that card system to get people in trouble?"

Mr. A: "Well J, it was never a system that existed solely to get you in trouble. Rather, I was attempting to maximize your learning opportunities by tempering behavior issues."

A: "What you be talking about Mr. A?"

R: "Yeah my brotha from anotha motha, besides, I was always good."

Mr. A: "Fascinating R, evidently you have chosen to black out the time you chased down fellow classmates with scissors. Which was triggered due to the fact that we had nine vocabulary words that week instead of eight."

R: "What? I loved vocabulary. Give me some dap Mr. A."

Mr. A: "OK, but just a little dap."

J: "Ahhh, he still scanlous y'all."

Mr. A: "I told you before...scanlous 'til the end."

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