Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Second Chances

I have used the same management system for the past two years I have taught at this school. My students this year have had over 10 weeks to grow accustomed to this system. In essence, the system allows for a minimum of eight infractions of the expectations, or should we say eight chances, before a parent is called...pretty sufficient if you ask me. That being said, certain students seem to think they are being given the worst consequence the first time they break an expectation. R is one of these students. He has already broken expectations twelve times today when the thirteenth ensues in the hall. We enter...

Mr. A: "R, could you please get off the wall?"

R proceeds to punch the wall three times and kick it once.

Mr. A: "OK R, that is not being respectful, I'm going to have to mark you down on the behavior tracker."

R begins to sing a nice little tune...surprisingly somewhat catchy

R: "I hate Mr. A, I hate Mr. A, I hate Mr. A."

Mr. A: "Straight up, so you can go ahead and shred to the office now...you've sufficiently reached your limit."

R is now in a hysterical fit of tears...If he's looking to pluck heart strings with his emotion it's not working.

R: "No, no, please Mr. A...just give me one more chance...I promise I'll never do it again."

Mr. A: "Well, considering you were given a total of fourteen chances, not so sure the fifteenth is the charm, but it's nice to see remorse will ultimately set in for you."

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