Monday, September 6, 2010

The Physics of Urination

Students are provided ample opporntunity to use the restroom...ample opportunity. That being said, D continuously says she needs to use the restroom due to an emergency. On this particular occasion she decided to explain to me why. We enter...

D: "Mr. A I have to use it!"

Mr. A: "Right, much like you had to use it fifteen minutes ago when I let you go, and much like the 30 minutes prior to that when I let you go as well."

D: "Mr. A, I have to tell you something."

Mr. A: "OK, go ahead."

D: "Sometimes when I drink things up here (D points to her mouth) it has to come out down here (D points to her "southern region.")"

Mr. A: "Well, you see D, that's sort of the case for everyone. When we drink liquids, or eat food, the digestive know what, just take the pass and go."

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