Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Original Pilgrim

The students are planning a skit they will put on for a Thanksgiving Feast we are having for the families. The current debate, and there are many, is centered around who will play Native Americans and who will play Pilgrims...we enter:

T: "This is boosey, I ain't finna to play no stupid pilgrim. You should play the pilgrim R, you dusty."

R: "Girl, I know you ain't telling me to play no pilgrim, with yo fat wrecking ball looking self. Mr. A, maybe you should be the pilgrim. I mean, not to be racist or anything, but you are the original color.

Mr. A: "It's OK R, the Pilgrims were white, and so am I, it's not racist to say the color of our skin. Unfortunately this is for students only, so it appears we're back to square one...awesome."

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