Thursday, January 13, 2011

Ahh Old Friends

I am lucky enough to have my school connected to a certain after school program that is affiliated to my establishment. As such, I am able to reminisce with old students who have since moved on to other schools. This always provides entertaining dialogue. We enter...

Mr. A: "It's great to see you P, how have things been going in high school?"

P: "Mr. A, I ain't even at school, and you was never my actual teacher, why you always be asking 'bout stuff like that?"

Mr. A: "Student success P, it's my mantra."

P: "That don't even make no still finna have candy to give out though?"

Mr. A: "Oh, I see how it'll deal with talking to the rainbow if it provides that pot of gold at the end?"

P: "Oh got gold now too?"

Mr. A: "Ugh...Snickers or Skittles P?"

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