Monday, December 6, 2010

Really? I'm Scandinavian and Irish.

My students tend to ask things completely out of context and completely out of left field. Clearly this day was no different. The following question, which was the catalyst for the following discussion, came in the middle of a lesson on using context clues. Let it also be noted that the student did not raise her hand. We enter...

Mr. A: "So how else can we be active readers and use context clues while reading?"

A: "Mr. A, is you really white?"

Mr. A: "OK, that's a check for talking without permission, but since you've already said it, what do you mean?"

A: "I mean, you always talking like you black. I think you black."

Mr. A: "Really? I'm Scandinavian and Irish you guys."

R: "I don't know what that mean, but you don't really look black."

Mr. A: "I would say that's a good observation."

R: "Yeah, you mostly be looking really white, except for when you get mad...then you is red."

D: "You're red a lot Mr. A."

Mr. A: "Once again...outstanding observation."

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