Monday, January 25, 2010

Viking Let Down

It is well documented in my classroom that Mr. A is a huge fan of the Minnesota Vikings. Following a massively disappointing loss in the NFC Championship game, Mr. A's students found it entertaining to make fun of him. We enter...

Mr. A: "So does anybody have any questions about what's expected of them?"

J: "Yeah, I have a question Mr. A."

Mr. A: "Go ahead J."

J: "The dusty, big headed Vikings lost...ha ha ha ha."

Mr. A: "Thanks J, I noticed...and not a question."

L: "I have a question Mr. A. The Vikings got they butts played by the Saints. Man, I was watching that mug like, damn boy!"

B: "Hey, Mr. A...too bad the Vikings lost and you still have to a buy us a pizza party!"

Mr. A: "No I don't. The deal was we would have a pizza party if the Vikings made it to the Super Bowl...they lost."

J: "What, we don't get no pizza party? Man you scanlous Mr. A."

L: "Yea, that's straight triflin."

Mr. A: "Hey guys I have a question...ha ha, you don't get a pizza party!"


  1. Alright! I am truly trying to figure out what "dusty" means. How exactly might I use it in my daily conversations here????

  2. They use it with a lot of versatility. However for your purposes I would simply look at it as meaning boring, uncool, stupid, or gross. If you ever have any future questions about semantics, I would suggest going to, they'll take care of all your needs whitey.