Friday, October 2, 2009

Welcome To My Life

At the request of several different people, I have been asked to start this blog. I currently teach a 5th grade class at an inner city alternative Charter School. That's right, alternative Charter School. My days are full of threats, and unfortunate low academic output. It is my goal to give these kids everything I can to give them some of the opportunities I was lucky to have growing up. They lead extremely rough and tumultuous lives. They have seen and experienced more by age 11 than anyone should in a life time.

They are also full of hilarious quotes and one-liners. That's where this blog comes in. When time permits I will share some of these zingers with all of you. I will not be revealing the names or location of my school for privacy's sake, so all names will simply be letters. No need to worry though, you'll still be able to identify with them the same way I do. Hope you enjoy, and I'll start you off with this one.

R: "Yes, it's Friday. Deuces Mr. A, I'm finnin' to get my swerve on this weekend!"
Mr. A: "It's 10:30 am R...sit down."

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