Friday, March 4, 2011

Where Did That Come From

My students often speak and act as though they are much older than they really are. They feel as though they must walk around with a sense of maturity and engage in street talk in an effort to not look "soft." R is no different. He will often attempt to look and sound like the leader of the class in terms of this verbiage. As such, the following dialogue in class caught me off guard.

Mr. A: "So it's pretty cool guys because we were given a lot of book donations and our class library has grown so you have more choices."

R: "Oh, that's tight! Did you get any Pippi Longstocking?"

Mr. A: "Um...not really sure how to answer this question. Oddly enough, yes, I do have a Pippi Longstocking book."

R: "That's dope kid!"

This was the first installment of my shock. The next piece of this shock happened a little bit later in the class period when R attempted to belittle the all powerful Mr. A.

Mr. A: "Are there any other questions about the expectations?"

R: "No offense Mr. A, but you is not that cool. You need a woman."

Mr. A: "Huh, this coming from the guy whose favorite is Pippi Longstocking."

R: "That's not my favorite."

Mr. A: "That makes more sense."

R: "Yeah, Swiss Family Robinson is my favorite."

Mr. A: "I...I mean...I got nothing."


  1. Okay, I'm not as witty as you are, but I always thought this was pretty funny. I was teaching a Shakespeare play a number of years ago, and one of my students wasn't paying attention. We enter...

    Ms. A (That was my name then): Okay Luke, since you're not paying attention, you get to have all the girl parts. (In the play)

    Amos: Ha ha, Luke has girl parts.

    Last one. I was giving a final to my class. One of the girls raised her hand for a question.

    Mrs. S (Obviously this wasn't as long ago): Can I help you Lisa?

    Lisa: Yea, I don't understand this question about Brave New World. I don't think it was in Sparknotes.

  2. I like that first one very much. I'm willing to buy it a two piece meal from Church's Chicken.