Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Focusing on What's Important

R has been talking about some pizza he ate last night all day. I am busy helping T with the rough draft of her essay.

R: "Mr. A! Mr. A! I need help, I need help!"

Mr. A: "Just a minute R, I need to finish with T."

R.: "Forget her dusty essay, I finna need help now!"

Mr. A: "OK R, what's up?"

R. "Did I tell you about the pizza I ate last night, that mug was good Mr. A. I was finna eat that thing in no time."

Mr. A: "How's the essay coming R?"

R: "Mr. A, why you always finna change the subject to school?"

Mr. A: "I know, teachers are always finna do those kinds of inconsiderate of us."

R: "So back to my pizza..."

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